The United Federation of Sol is a corporate state, its democracy held up by threads as corporations push and shove and tear at each other, trying to achieve domination of the myriad markets that space exploration has provided. With near-unlimited resources, and near-unlimited money, corporations have managed to worm their way into every aspect of a Sollite's life.

The United Federation controls much of Human Space, with the Republic of Eternal Light controlling most of the rest. The rogue system that neither control, the Trappist Enclave, is a state unto itself.

Organization of the Federation

The Federation has elections every ten years for the Federal Chief Minister, who acts as the head of state. Below him are his appointed cabinet members in a variety of positions, heads of agencies as diverse as environmental to xenozoology to planetary colonization.

The planetary ministers, of which there are 210, are all represented at the Parliament of Terra, which is as the name suggests, on Earth. They head the organization of a planet, and below them are their various ministers of state, who rule over subdivisions of each planet known as States, who in turn have their own cabinets. The laws created by a state can be overturned by a planet, and a planet by the Federation itself.

The Federation also has a Grand Court, which acts as the final court of law and keeps the executive branch in line.

In theory.

In reality, many positions are bought and sold, grassroots campaigns crushed under the heels of massive corporations whose private armies sometimes outnumber a planet's own defense forces. Though direct violence has rarely taken place, even the sight of gathering soldiers from a corporation is enough to dissuade all but the most resolute of souls. Billions of dollars of bribes are exchanged daily, and some higher officials flaunt wealth that surely their paycheck could not have afforded.

Political dynasties are common, and many planets never truly fell away from a dictatorial method of operation, electing the sons and daughters of their ministers before, as they have since joining the Federation, and likely will for many generations to come.


The Federation prides itself on the multi-species society, with seven different non-human species represented. In order of most common to least common, the below are the species in the Federation:

  1. Humans (53%)
  2. Traiar (13%)
  3. Kajj (10%)
  4. Garro (7%)
  5. Lathi (7%)
  6. Jehai (6%)
  7. Karakas (3%)
  8. Rakalr (1%)