21st century

  • 2030: First manned expedition of Mars
  • 2035: Lunar colony Phoebe established by the United States of America
  • 2059-2063: World war 3, ended in consolidation of power by several countries to form the Global Union, the Precursor to the United Federation of Sol.
  • 2070-2075: Martian colony Mars Prime established by the Cedric Corporation, with Global Union's blessings
  • 2078-2080: Archaeological expedition uncovering ruined colony of an unknown alien race, a Hyperdrive discovered
  • 2081-2087: Hyperdrive experiments conducted. Beginning of Mankind's exploration of interstellar space, starting with the closest neighboring systems
  • 2090-2099: Corporate and Global Union expansion of Human space. Initial colonies are separate due to inability to communicate beyond sending ships through hyperspace.

22nd Century

  • 2103: Global Union consolidates power, becomes governing force of around 97% of the Earth's habitable mass
  • 2107: Human space has expanded to include thirty systems, with a population of around 35 billion
  • 2107: Tachyon particles successfully used to communicate, beginning of United Federation of Sol as several systems band together
  • 2118: Attacks on the distant Isla system by the Kajj start