Sokatai Carbine

The Sokatai Carbine is the standard issue weapon for soldiers in the Republic of Eternal Light, with most

divisions being given it or some variation thereof. It's a recoil operated carbine that fires .30 caliber rounds at a rate of about 500 per minute. Its helical magazine holds 65 rounds, and it fires in either standard single-fire mode, or in a burst of 3 bullets.

Models of Sokatai Carbine


The SC-A1 is considered standard, and one would be hard pressed to find a person in the Republic who has not fired one. It has a side attachment for a flashlight, and a bayonet lug.


The SC-A2 is similar to the SC-A1, but where the bayonet lug would normally be, there is a shotgun attachment, which holds four rounds in a straight magazine. The shotgun attachment has a separate trigger, located on the attachment itself. The SC-A2 is intended for ship boarding actions and other assaults where a shotgun may be useful. The conversion from A1 to A2 is simply removing the bayonet and attaching the A2, though proper securing requires some tooling that prevents it from being changed between the two in-combat.


The E1, or the Enforcement1, is the standard police firearm in the Republic. It lacks the bayonet lug of other models, and it fires in either semiautomatic or automatic, lacking the burst-fire feature on other models to compensate for the lack of heavy weapons that policing forces in the REL have. The E1 is also issued to soldiers who fight in environments where a high rate of fire is desired over accuracy, or where bringing heavy weapons may be difficult, such as heavy jungle environments where firefights take place over very short distances.


This is a model used mainly in jungle environments and other places where dense terrain does not permit typical sniper rifles. This design trades a smaller ammo capacity for a high-power scope. Instead of the typical "red dot" sight, this model uses a 10x scope. The magazine only contains 25 shots, however.


The standard round of the Sokatai Carbine is the .30 Sokatai. It is a 37 mm long cartridge with a .30 caliber round that weighs just over 100 grains. Its average velocity is 2000-2100 FPS.