Seraphim, properly called SERAFIM (State-Empowered Ratifiers of the Agenda, Intent, and Manifesto), are political officers who stalk dissenters through the army, through civilian life, and even through the highest echelons of Republic society, rooting out sympathizers of the rival human governments, alien races, and rebels within the Republic. Armed with their Judicator pistol, vibroblades, and identities totally hidden behind suits of white and gold power armor, the Seraphim are a terrifying site both on the battlefield and in civilian situations.

Empowered with the ability to execute low-ranking members of the Republic at will (provided they fill out proper paperwork afterwards to justify it), and the ability to execute high-ranking members with explicit permission from a member of the Republic ranked higher than the target, many rebellions have been dispelled with the .65 caliber bullet of a Judicator publicly blowing the brains out of the rally leaders.

Seraphim are kept totally hidden in identity, referred to using code names that pull from various mythologies of Earth. Voice modulators in their suits change every Seraphim's voice into a deep, echoing command befitting of their positions. This not only allows Seraphim to operate totally outside the system, with people unable to appeal to friendship, familial ties, or favours owed, but allows them to remove their armor and act as a civilian, a soldier, or something else, only revealing themselves when it's too late for the target.

Seraphim are, in addition, often stationed in military zones to act as the leader of all political officers and morale in the army, with their subordinates being known as Prefects.

Notable Seraphim

  • Tyr, assigned to the Fourth Base on Jaas Prime