The Republic of Eternal Light (REL) is a fascist police state that occupies about 115 star systems in the region known as Human Space, or about 35% of Human Space. It formed around 260 years ago, when the Ilari system was attacked by the Kajj, and their pleas for help went unnoticed due to their lack of an economically viable position in the corporatocracy known as the United Federation of Sol. Thus, the rise of the fascist Humanity First party occurred, eventually being elected on the promise of strong reform and the raising of militia forces to properly combat the threat.

Asaia Atalr, the first leader of Humanity First, raised over 15 regiments of men and women, arming them with any weapon that could be found, ranging from hunting rifles to highly complex laser-rifles and gyrobines. Though far from standardly armed, they were an effective enough fighting force to defend the planets against land invasion from the Kajj, and eventually, space combat became an option. Soon, the Kajj were sent out of the Ilari system and those surrounding it, and the Democratic Republic of Humanity was formed. It was later renamed after manifesto Humanity and its Eternal Light by Asaia Atalr, which lay out the basic philosophy of mankind's supremacy over all other sapient species in the galaxy, and declared that the only way for mankind to ensure that it survives is to make room for itself. Thus, the groundwork for the Republic of Eternal Light was laid.

The Republic is noted for its large military. Currently, every man and woman in the REL serves in the army from age 18 to 20, and those who wish for voting rights will serve at least one tour of duty, as voting is only available to those who have proven themselves in the military. There are three kinds of citizens in the Republic: Civilians, those who do not vote and have not served a tour, Citizens, those who have served a tour and earned the right to vote, and Officials, who are the appointed liaisons of the Citizens to those who rule the Republic, the Officers of the Army.

The leader of the Republic is a hereditary position known as the Grand Marshal of Light, who is advised by 15 Grand Marshals, who in turn are advised by Marshals, Admirals, and Generals.