"I'd rather die than give up my home!"

- Commander Lanchov, last words

The Jaasic Independence League (JIL) is the highly organized insurgent force on Jaas Prime, founded by the descendants of the colonists who originally broke from Republic of Eternal Light rule some time in early 2331. They took over the government, the military, and economic force of Jaas Prime, and have been ruling since then. They proclaim a heavily anti-Republic ideology, pro-democracy and self-rule, but they also are strongly militaristic, defending their every inch of their homeland in blood, sweat, and tears.

They have been preparing, for over fifty years, to be invaded, and now that the Republic has come to claim their homeland, they are ready. Jaas Prime has been converted from the simple, low-value mining planet, into a near fortress of ice and death.

The Jaasic Independence League has a distinct method of warfare that takes full advantage of the terrain they have lived in and with. From the deep bunkers made directly into ice, to tunnels that connect cities, to taking advantage of the cold to grind down logistical supply, fighting against the Jaasics is like fighting against the planet themselves.

Jaas Prime, as well, is full of expert snipers, using a simple semi-automatic rifle known as the Korlai. Using the Korlai, a small group of Jaasic Independence Fighters can easily take out a squad of the far better equipped and armoured Republic infantry.