Jaas Prime is an Ice World on the borders of Human Space, currently the site of a massive military campaign by the Republic of Eternal Light against the Jaasic People.


Jaas Prime is an extreme planet, in every sense of the word. Cold, with a highly elliptical orbit that changes it weather with such extremeness that one season, nitrogen may form rivers on the surface of the planet, while in others, streams of water drip from ice-caves. Life on Jaas Prime is marked by two seasons: Winter and Summer, though neither of those terms truly encapsulates the weather that occurs there.

During the winter, when Jaas Prime is far from its sun, the Co2 in its atmosphere falls to the ground in thick blankets of snow, followed soon thereafter by a rainfall of nitrogen, which accumulates in large pools and forms rivers in the natural faults in the ice.

In summer, several places near the equator start to melt, forming streams that carve through the ice, the only liquid water that naturally occurs on the planet's surface, though it only lasts for a few short weeks before freezing again.


The life of Jaas Prime is simple, as the planet is hostile to most, if not all, complex organisms. The largest animal observed is barely over two inches long. Despite this, Jaas Prime is a source of incredible interest to xenobiologists, as what life does live there has somehow evolved to not only survive in the hostile conditions, but thrive.

Jaasic algae

Jaasic algae, known as ovatus psychrophilus, is a species of colonial organisms that can live in connected groups of hundreds to trillions, every organism in the colony linked to one another by microscopic strings. They're roughly egg-shaped, though they have some ability to change their shape, moving in a manner akin to Terran slime-molds. During the summer, they lay dormant, the colony simply processing the Co2 from the air. However, come winter, they become highly mobile, searching out Co2 and devouring it, sweeping clean entire swathes of land. The Jaasic Algae forms the basis of the ecosystem, and is preyed upon by many, many, animals.


Wrigglies, so named after their tendency to violently squirm when pressure, most often from a foot, is nearby. They are small, black worms that will feed on anything they can, though typically that means the Jaasic Algae they follow throughout the year. Wrigglies are not, in fact, truly black, but are transparent, their diet giving them their colour. This makes it a bit of a game among stationed soldiers to feed them different coloured gels and the like, to create "art worms." The scientific name of the Wrigglies is brevifilum ophis. They have one radula-like structure they use to scrape things into their intestines directly.

Ice snappers

Ice snappers, fodiens rostratus, are a species of worm that range from four to six centimeters long. They are coloured a slight amber, and they feed on both Jaasic algae and Wrigglies, tearing into both with their long beaks. They are one of the more complex animals on Jaas Prime, with their beaks being aided by a pharyngeal jaw that pulls the prey item into the gullet. They are hated by most people, given their tendency to burrow into frozen bodies that litter battlefields.