The Kajj make great use of mechas, and instead of having multiple corps like Human militaries, have three Roles: Infantry, Mecha, and Air Support. The Kajj army's doctrine focuses on heavy damage by small numbers of men, able to strike hard and retreat quickly. Thus, their infantry is in heavy but mobile power armor, carrying weaponry that can disable vehicles and break into fortifications.

Kajj soldiers have extensive modification to make their armor an extension of their own body, wetware implants and nerve connectors that serve to make the power armor and mechas move as easily as the user's own body. This makes them particularly dangerous, as they are nowhere near as slow as other faction's mechas.

Infantry power armours

Class Role Height Weight Armament
Helikt Standard 5'7" - 6' 250-275 lbs Variety, typically Ega Rail Rifles
Farash Fast-attack 6' 265 lbs Jakta 8mm rotary cannons
Lungar Anti-armor 6'1" 290 lbs Egakoi Rail Rifle