The largest division, much larger than the two other Infantry Divisions combined, the Standard Infantry Division is, as its name suggests, the standard of the Republic's army. The soldiers of this Division hail from nearly 546 different regiments on 57 different worlds, with each regiment being an army in its own right when fully armed and outfitted.

Organization and equipment

The standard size of a regiment in the Standard Division is 10 000 soldiers. This can vary, with regiments as small as 3000 being raised in times of need. The regiment is divided into companies of 1000 soldiers each, which in turn become Platoons of 100 each, containing ten squads of ten, which can be combined and rearranged at will by the Platoon commander, as each squad is merely known by its numeric designation, and thus it is unimportant who is in it.

Each squad is divided into two fireteams, one armed with a SSW (Squad Support Weapon), and one is armed with a heavy weapon, as detailed below. As squads are assigned to battle instead of fireteams, there will always be a heavy weapon on the field where the REL stands.  

  1. B5 flamethrower (known as a Burner or Demonfire)
  2. M1 Smithson Heavy Machine Gun, a .50 caliber heavy machine gun
  3. Leu RPG, a shoulder-mounted rocket-launcher that fires either HEAT or Plasma rockets
  4. Laeandor Mk. V Plasma rifle, which fires superheated bolts of hydrogen
  5. 95M Light Mortar, which lobs shells in a high arc over friendly troops and into the enemy
  6. AGL60, a chain-fed automatic grenade launcher
  7. Torrid EMP, nonlethal, anti-vehicle
  8. Prometheus Laser-cannon

The standard gun, however, is the proud Sokatai Carbine, in use since the formation of the Republic. It is the standard firearm, and every single soldier is expected to be able to field-strip, clean, and reassemble the gun in less than a minute, its simple design permitting that with some minor drilling. It fires a .30 caliber round, in either single-shot or 3 round burst-fire mode, and it has a helical magazine that holds 65 rounds.


The uniform of the REL's infantry is standard across the corps. This uniform serves as both the physical training uniform and the combat uniform. It consists of a vest of lightweight bullet-resistant carbon nanotubes, what is basically thick buckypaper. The armor also has pockets allow metal or ceramics to be inserted if need be. Under this is a grey button-up shirt that has the insignia of the Republic on the left breast, alongside a printout of the soldier's name, ID, division, and rank. The uniform is printed out of liquid polyester, and updating the information on the uniform is as simple as going to the quartermaster and requesting that it be done.

The pants are similarly grey, and it comes with a plastic belt. The pants have multiple pockets, and the belt has hoops of holding holsters of various items.

Standard equipment

The standard equipment of the REL's standard infantry are carefully designed to consider weight and its balance against covering as many situations as possible.

  1. Sokatai Carbine, A1 configuration
  2. Jaya laser pistol
  3. RELM5 combat knife, 9 inches long, doubles as a bayonet
  4. Yagim Entrenching Tool, with root saw on the side, collapsible
  5. 3 DG Fragmentation Grenades
  6. 4 24-hour MRE packages
  7. 2 liter water canteen
  8. Eating utensils, spork, plastic cup
  9. Empty sandbags x5
  10. Sleeping bag
  11. Grooming kit (nail clippers, disposable razor with 5 extra heads, moist towelettes, toothbrush and tin of dehydrated toothpaste)
  12. Butane lighter x2
  13. 4-man All-Environment tent (two issued per squad)
  14. Field repair kit
  15. Manual of Arms - Standard Infantry of the Republic Division edition
  16. Dog tag, worn around the neck
  17. Special weapon, as mentioned above, given to 1 out of every ten soldiers
  18. SSWD, one issued per squad

Notable Regiments

Magarosan 1st - Involved in the conflict on Jaas Prime