The Republic of Light is known throughout Human Space and beyond for its vast military, a hammer with which they use to grind their foes into dust. Every man and woman in the Republic is a potential soldier, having been trained in combat from the moment they became an adult at 18, until they are legally permitted to leave at age 20. This puts the possible number of soldiers at nearly one trillion, and though they do not have enough ships to hold even a hundred of that number, the mere thought of that many people being armed for war is enough to keep most people away. Those that do not, however, soon find that the great force of the Republic will come down swiftly.

Unlike strike forces found in the United Federation of Sol, or scarce but powerful heavy mechas used by the Kajj, the army of the Republic does not concern itself with being subtle or deploying quickly. Instead, they build up, forming great walls of men, women, tanks, and artillery, operating out of head-bases and turning every battlefield they encounter into a cratered wasteland.

The Republic has seven corps: Armor, Infantry, Stellar, Atmospheric, Marines, Navy, and Logistics Corps. Each corp is divided into 3 sub-corps, known as Divisions.

  1. Armor: Armored Vehicle, Walker, and Artillery
  2. Infantry: Standard, Drop, and Vanguard
  3. Stellar: Interstellar, Intrastellar, and Merchant Guard
  4. Atmospheric: Low-Orbit, Low-altitude, and Recon
  5. Marines: Shock troopers, Special Ops, and Asaia's Guard (protection of high-value personnel and assets)
  6. Navy: Coast guard, Ocean guard, and Submarine force
  7. Logistics: Medical, Munitions, and Maintainence

Throughout the REL, the ranks used by the army are completely and totally uniform, and every citizen is given a rank upon reaching adulthood of Cadet. The Cadets are the lowest possible rank, and are conscripted into service from the second they become adults, to serve in the army until they are at least age twenty (a minimum of two years). Technically speaking, privates have command over cadets, though this is generally only coming into play for conscripted regiments going to war or in combat situations where all NCOs have been killed.

In the various divisions, despite using the same ranks, the terminology may have wildly different meanings, and there may be division-specific sub-ranks (such as gunner, driver, secondary gunner, etc in a tank). In vehicle and artillery regiments, a single gun or vehicle is considered a squad. In walker regiments, Class A mechas are organized into squads and fireteams, while Class B-D mechas are considered squads. On board ships (space and water travelling), the regular squad system applies, though their ranks are more akin to a tank than anything else, with specific gunners and loaders and pilots.

Ranks of the Republic of Light